Plastic Welding

Plastic Vibration Welding
Welded Plastic Assembly

Wabash Plastics has been joining and testing plastic components for most of our 40 year history. We have extensive experience in the following welding techniques:

  • Ultrasonic Plastic Welding
  • Hot Plate Plastic Welding
  • Spin Plastic Welding
  • Vibration Plastic Welding
  • Hot Air Cold Staking
  • Standard Heat Staking

Ultrasonic plastics welding is the process of using sound waves to create vibration in properly designed joints between two parts which results in the melting of plastic. Using the appropriate amount of time and pressure, the results can be an assembly with a completely hermetic or watertight seal.

Hot plate welding plastics involves physically heating joining surfaces to the proper melting point and then using the appropriate amount of time and pressure to achieve the desired assembly results. Again, this type of joint can be hermetic or watertight as well.

Spin plastic welding uses frictional heat to melt the joint between two component plastic parts. This process is perfect for round parts. Again, the result of spin plastic welding can be an assembly with a hermetic or watertight seal.

Vibration plastic welding is a valuable tool for specific types of applications. Often times, larger parts that need to be welded would fit into this assembly category. Vibration is used to create frictional heat in specially designed joints. Just as all other forms of welding described above, a hermetic or watertight seal can be achieved.

Hot air cold staking is an additional assembly process where heated air is used to bring specifically designed part features to near melting points. A cold steel press soon follows collapsing the feature and thereby joining two different component parts.

Finally, standard heat staking is the process of using hot steel to press specifically designed part features down to a desired height to achieve an assembly from two component parts.

Today, Wabash Plastics uses all of these welding technologies for our customers. Oftentimes, customers require that the welding joints be 100% tested to specific parameters to verify the weld integrity. We have the experience and knowledge to weld and test your parts. Get us involved early in the design process so that we can help guide you toward the technology that best suits your unique application.

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