Molding Automation

Injection Molding Automation
Automation - Robotic gauging of parts from bowl feeder.

Wabash Plastics remains at the forefront of the latest injection molding automation with our extensive use of robotic solutions in the molding process. We are among the industry leaders in robotics implementation and use.

Each of our presses is equipped with robotic part removal, and many of our secondary operations are robot assisted. Through robotics technology, we are able to reduce production time and reduce labor content, while dramatically increasing consistency and quality.

Examples of our automated assembly techniques include:

  • Part Removal
  • De-Gating Operations
  • Defect Detection
  • Assembly Stations
  • Robotic Welding
  • Robotic Trimming
  • Robotic Leak / Pressure Testing
  • Robotic Test Marks
  • Automated “Foam-in-Place Gaskets”
  • Automated computer balancing
  • Vision Systems

Our in-house development team has the ability to implement the latest robotics technology allowing us to stay ahead of our competitors, which translates to lower costs and reduced production time for you.

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