Lean Injection Molding Systems

Lean Manufacturing - Kanban inventory control

Wabash Plastics has been on a lean journey for more than 10 years. For us, Lean Manufacturing is not merely a set of tools for increasing productivity and performance, but rather a cultural cornerstone that makes us a stronger and more adaptive organization. Our plant is broken down into multiple sections/teams allowing our employees to take ownership of our customers’ parts and processes. Each team member is responsible for the quality of the parts produced and every new production employee receives classroom training to prepare them for integration into our Lean injection molding system.

Our Lean culture expands beyond the molding floor to our Production control, Support Services, and Engineering functions resulting in an integrated organization that embraces the Lean philosophy at all levels. Our injection molding systems are consistent with industry best practices and optimize the efficiency of our injection molding operations.

Utilizing Kaizen events, we continually strive to better our processes through employee involvement. Many of our most critical systems–Production Scheduling, Logistics, Inventory Kanbans, and the Production Team structure itself–were designed and implemented by our employees. It is through this process of continuous improvement and innovation that we continue to grow and enhance customer satisfaction.

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