Plastic Overmolding

Custom Injection Overmolding
2-Shot / Overmolded Appliance parts

Wabash Plastics offers our customers overmolding capabilities. Plastic overmolding is the process of robotically placing a finished part into the cavity of a second tool and using additional materials to create more value for our customers.

The overmolding process can be used to enhance a part’s aesthetics, performance, or functionality.

Another way in which plastic overmolding can benefit our customers is by driving down cost. In heavy, thick walled part designs, Wabash Plastics can produce a core part from lower cost resins. This lower cost core could then be overmolded with the preferred higher priced performance resin.

As the price of engineering grade materials continues to rise, this process should be considered for applications that require dampening, “soft touch” feel, or UV resistance.

In order for customers to get the best value from this technology, we suggest you contact us and get our engineers involved early in the process. Our years of experience will be beneficial and can help reduce the design cycle so that our customers can realize the benefits of this process sooner than would otherwise be possible.

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