Multi-Shot Molding

2 shot molding process
2 shot TPE gasket and vibration damping on motor bracket.

Wabash Plastics is proud to offer the specialized process of multi-shot molding. Also known as two-shot molding, this process combines multiple plastic materials, injected in a mold, to form a single part.

Parts produced via multi-shot molding can be designed to eliminate assembly operations, which means less cost and less chance for defects. When we can work with our customers to combine parts, Wabash can save them time and money.

Multi-shot molding allows for features such as clear windows, hermetic gaskets, colored lettering, improved graphics, and a stylish appearance for your finished product, giving it functionality and a competitive edge.

Wabash has a wide array of capabilities in transfer molding, also referred to as pick and place two shot molding, as well as rotary multi-shot molding. We have integrated this technology across our press size ranges making Wabash your one stop shop for multi-shot/two-shot molding.

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