Insert Molding

Tight tolerance insert molded spline.
Insert molding process

Wabash Plastics’ molding capabilities include insert injection molding, a process in which resin is injected into the mold around a plastic or metal insert that has been placed in the tooling prior to injection. The end-result is a single piece created with the insert completely encapsulated in the molded part.

Our engineering staff has the expertise and experience to work with customers to develop an insert molding part design that will meet their expectations. Wabash Plastics uses robotic insert loading technology. This means that the molding cycle and the finished part are consistent from one shot to the next. Our customers get dependable products with improved functionality.

There are very few limitations to insert molding design and material combinations, which means our customers have very few restrictions on the types of insert molded products they can achieve with Wabash Plastics.

We have been insert molding for most of our 40 year history, and this capability continually provides our customers with the functionality and cost savings they demand.

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