Gas Assist Molding

Highly aesthetic gas assist appliance handle.
Gas Assist Injection Molding

Wabash Plastics offers our customers advanced injection molding through gas assist injection molding.

By using 99.995% pure nitrogen gas at high pressures, we can fill mold cavities with less plastic. This technology allows for greater stability in the finished product, improved part appearance and quality, decreased production time, design flexibility, and the elimination of internal part stresses.

Gas assist not only saves molding cycle time—it also can eliminate sink marks in thick wall areas, reduces part weight and eliminates the need for secondary operations. The net results to our customers are improved aesthetics, greater design options, and a lower part price.

We have achieved effective results for our customers in gas assist molding for the past twenty years. Wabash has successfully shipped more than twenty five million parts utilizing gas assist injection molding technology.

Think you may have an application for gas assist molding? Contact Wabash Plastics and experience the Wabash Difference.