Injection Mold Engineering

Part design review and consultation

Our team is the Wabash Difference, and it includes some of the most experienced and knowledgeable engineers in the thermoplastic injection molding industry. We’re committed to partnership with our customers throughout the entire design process to ensure we deliver a finished product. We believe the best products result from good communication between the customer and the Wabash team.

The project management process starts with effective communication. Our engineers will take time to understand the customer needs and then help guide the customer on the path that provides the best opportunity to meet the goals. Our engineers understand the need to be competitive, to be responsive, to be on time, and to help develop a product that is effective as intended. We have a staff of engineers that supports the project from the initial concept stage, through tooling, through process development and on to production launch.

Wabash Plastics engineers have many types of CAD software at their disposal. Our goal is to support all customers—we will never require a customer to conform to our tools. We support CATIA, Pro Engineer, AutoCAD, IGES, STEP, and many other types of CAD software files. If it’s not listed, don’t worry. Give us a call and we will work to accommodate your needs.

Our experience is wide ranging from a concentration in program management and tool design to production automation and process development.

We fully utilize tools such as scientific injection molding. A properly decoupled molding process allows for wider processing windows and more consistent parts for our customers. This means tighter production control and better quality product.

If you are interested in fewer design modifications, shorter design time, lower production costs, and higher quality products, then don’t hesitate to contact Wabash Plastics. We measure results in customer satisfaction.