Automated Wheel Balancing

Automated Wheel Balancing

For over 25 years, Wabash has manufactured a wide variety of fans, impellers, and wheels. We are experienced with both automated and manual wheel balancing, testing equipment, and the requirements of running in a high speed manufacturing environment.

Let our engineering staff work with your product development team to help optimize part and tool design. We have the mold design experience to enable balance adjustment on the fly, reducing post-mold balance correction. This benefit is felt by our customers in the form of increased throughput. We will guide you through the development of your product and provide insights that will ensure mutual success.

Our experience with laser measurement systems allows us to perform dimensional gauging at the same time as balancing. Runout or TIR issues can become a thing of the past when we 100% audit your parts for dimensionality.

Our capabilities don’t stop here. Let us take your fan and assemble it with a motor or install it in a housing. We possess the capability to produce and assemble your components as well as perform complete run testing of your finished assembly.

We provide the confidence that your products will run smoother and quieter with less noise and vibration than the competition.

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