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Gas Assist —
By using a high-pressure gas to help fill the mold cavity with plastic, this process allows for greater stability and more. Learn More

Multi-Shot —
This process combines multiple plastic materials injected in a mold to form a single part — with multiple colors and materials, allowing for great flexibility in product design. Learn More


Thirty years. That's three decades of perfecting our processes, of gaining valuable insight into the plastics industry. Thirty years of building an exceptional team of employees. A team dedicated to the job, experienced in the industry, ready to put the customer first. Thirty years of providing high quality custom plastic injection molded products.

Just because we've been around for a long time doesn't mean we're stuck in the past. At Wabash Plastics, we're constantly looking towards the future, looking to provide our customers with the latest technology — the technology that will save them time and money.

That's The Wabash Difference.


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